Conventus Adria participated at Advantage Austria Eastern Partnership Business Forum 2018 Vienna

Austria and Croatia share more than just history, the most impressive cultural development and architectural achievements in the northern part of Croatia were made during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Now, looking into the future Austria recognizes the importance of investing into the sustainable energy technology. Advantage Austria Eastern Partnership Business Forum 2018 in Vienna showed the trends of the Energy and IT industries and how to involve the partnering countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldavia and Ukraine in successfuly integrating new technologies into their economy.

Conventus Adria met with its business partners at the Eastern Partnership Business Forum in Vienna to discuss future projects that will involve Croatia as the destination for hosting projects for Austria trend members as a partner country.

Introducing our friends to the potential and atractiveness of Croatia and welcoming them at future conferences and meetings is what Conventus Adria finds is of key importance for a successful long term development of Croatia.

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